A painful sting ruined your family's backyard brunch? Worry not – hire us for wasp control in London immediately after treating your injury. We are the #1 wasp extermination and nest treatment experts in London and surrounding boroughs. Wasps are large flying insects with powerful venom that can pose a serious risk to people with allergies. In the UK alone, wasp-related deaths per year are twice as much as bee-related death cases. Don't risk your health – call qualified wasp control experts who know how to deal with the situation – safely, efficiently, affordably! Unlike other types of pests, trying to get rid of a wasp infestation yourself can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. DIY pesticides rarely do more than agitate the nest, and wasp traps can only decrease the population, but not eradicate the colony. With 24/7 Pest Control wasp extermination service, you make sure that your family is safe from venomous stings! If you have any doubts about the origin of the nest you can benefit from the nest inspection service. A technician will come just to make sure what insects is making the nests. If the nest on you property turns out to be an actual beehive, the technicians will advise your further actions. Remember that, bees are being protected, and can't be treated as wasps.
  • A powerful procedure which aims to get rid of wasps in a single visit using a powder solution;
  • All wasp exterminators we work with are fully trained and equipped;
  • Book our wasp nest treatment in London on weekends, evenings and holidays;
  • We follow the COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) guidelines;
  • Our customer care centre operates 24 hours a day for your convenience;
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I can?t rate 24/7 Pest Control highly enough. We had a problem with rodents for months. Other pest control companies were reluctant to help, sending bait along with technicians who
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A great job done by an excellent technician. Thank you so much!
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Your technician helped me to resolve a problem, and I found that he was extremely professional and helpful. His manner of dealing with customers was friendly and made me feel safe
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The service was very prompt, comprehensive! Thank you so much for solving our problem quickly and professionally.
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24/7 Pest Control is excellent! They're friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable. Every time they come to my home, I can rest assured knowing that they would do a proper job in checkn
Oct 22nd, 2020
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Many people confuse wasps and bees and call wasp extermination services for bee colonies and vice versa. Bees are generally less aggressive and unlike wasps, they can sting only once. The easiest way to make the difference between the two subfamilies is to look at their appearance – bee colouring is duller and their bodies appear to have hair that wasps lack. Also, the bodies of wasps are slender with a narrow waist that connects the two segments. Bees are usually not considered pests due to their beneficial nature but can still pose a genuine threat to your family.
If you have a wasp infestation, do not try to battle it yourself – call 24/7 Pest Control for a safe wasp nest treatment. It is also a good idea to take measures against possible future infestations. Here are several tips on wasp prevention you can easily follow: #1 Check for nests – check your home, garden, backyard or any other part of your property that has not been completely shut-in in the beginning of spring. Wasps prefer such locations to build their nests at. An early detection of a nest can save you a lot of trouble later on. Make sure you check your garage and barn as well. #2 Keep your windows and doors shut – install nets if needed. Wasps are attracted to indoor locations where they look for food. #3 Secure your bins – wasps are attracted by all types of rotting food. An opened bin can easily attract vespulas that will scavenge your junk for a free meal. This can also lead to a booming population of stingers in your area. #4 Should you notice a wasp nest, do not try to remove it by yourself. Wasps are easily agitated and once a wasp stings you, the insects quickly follow. Numerous stings can lead to serious health problems and death, even if you are not allergic to wasps. Get a Quote