Professional Cockroach Control in LondonAre you on the losing side of the battle against cockroaches in your home or office? 24/7 Pest Control offers you professional cockroach control in London to fight back the crawling insects! Our services are:
  • Discreet - we can arrive with discreetly branded vehicles
  • Fast - local exterminators are in your area
  • Efficient - using powerful products to eradicate the pest
Save yourself and your family from aggravating allergies – 24/7 Pest Control will purge these havoc-wreaking creatures. The roach exterminators use all the necessary methods to kill these crawlers, treat the surfaces in your property and prevent the cockroaches from re-infesting your home. The products we use are extremely powerful and obtain a long-lasting residual effect that will protect your home from the crawlers. Get a Quote
Cockroach Control and Extermination in LondonOur services are not just about the treatment. Here’s what else you get when booking with us:
  • Affordable price rates: you will get a great value for the costs of our cockroach control in London;
  • Flexible scheduling options: we are available seven days a week, on bank holidays and even for emergency treatments;
  • 24/7 customer service phone line: our representatives will guide you and answer all your inquiries;
  • Professional home disinfection: you can take advantage of our follow-up cleaning services which will erase all traces of the cockroach treatment and remove any germs. The services can be done at least 4 days after the cockroach control procedure and can be booked with our operators 24/7!
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William K.
Duncan was a great pest control man. He had beautiful manners and did an excellent job! He left the interior completely clean and I would absolutely return to 24/7 Pest Control bec
Mar 4th, 2021
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I found that your team is very good at what they do. My problem was solved quickly with great help and communication. Thank you for all your hard work.
May 11th, 2020
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Simeon was very professional from start to finish of the job. I would indeed have no hesitation in highly recommending him because he is very thorough and very efficient.
May 7th, 2020
Georgia D.
The technician was great and very fast in time. Very helpful and know the job very well. He did an excellent job.
May 17th, 2020
Gary K.
Excellent friendly and helpful service from beginning to end. On my first contact with the company, I was given plenty of time to discuss the problem and the service offered. There
Apr 17th, 2020
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The experience of the roach exterminators in London can be useful to you – you can save yourself the headache of future infestation. The population of cockroaches at your property will multiply as soon as the insects have access to food. For instance, if you don't wash and put away your dishes right after a meal, the cockroaches will sense the attractive food odour and will try to settle into the premises. For the same reason, you should never leave exposed food on the counters and dishes in the sink. You should also take care of old plumbing and leaking pipes – these are potential entrance points for roaches. Same applies to holes and cracks around your property. Cockroaches can flatten their bodies to fit into narrow areas like the space under mats, wallpaper and, of course, wall cracks. Don't forget to take your rubbish out daily. If you see a cockroach during the day, it is a probable sign of infestation – these insects are nocturnal and only an overcrowding would push them out in daylight. Maintain contact with the housing authority and be aware of anyone who has problems with cockroaches nearby as they tend to seek shelter in neighbouring homes. Don't let pigeons infest your property. The feces of birds are part of cockroaches diet. Consider bird proofing service if your property tends to welcome pigeons. In case you are not sure of what is the pest you are dealing with, or you can't establish the severeness of your problems, you can book a simple property inspection and let the exterminators advise you after inspection.
Most cockroaches emit unpleasant smells – some people are allergic to the strong stench. Other sources of filth are the bodies of dead cockroaches, their faeces and the egg cases. Some of the emitted substances contain allergens which can cause asthma and other dangerous health problems. That is why we recommend deep cleaning your property after the extermination. Cockroaches can also bite if they run out of food. Their bites can cause irritation, lesions, swelling, and even minor infections. If you suffer from such bites, it means that the pest population is out of control and you must immediately seek the help of a cockroach exterminator. Get a Quote