Bird Control LondonBesides being highly annoying, pigeons, seagulls and other types of urban birds in London can cause immense damage to the exterior of your building. 24/7 Pest Control offers quick and effective pigeon pest control and bird proofing in London and surrounding areas. We help deter the annoying birds away from:
  • Residential buildings
  • Business properties
  • Industrial premises
Contact us and let the experts deal with the problem. We will rid your property of pesky birds in no time.
Bird Proofing in LondonOur bird control procedures are done in a humane way. We utilise a range of methods and tools to deter the pesky pigeons bird-proofing your entire London property. Amongst the range of equipment that pigeon exterminators use are: Drone: it is easier for the exterminators to inspect the property with a drone. That way they can cover all of the possible nesting and landing spots. Bird netting: we use this exclusion tool to protect properties from different types of urban birds -- it acts as a barrier between the flying pests and the building; Gel repellent: this non-toxic bird deterrent tricks pigeons and other flying critters into thinking that the building is on fire. It is a successful repellent which we recommend particularly if you’re a tenant and cannot use any permanent bird proofing solutions; Anti-roosting spikes: the bird control experts attach these spikes anywhere pigeons roost in order to discourage them from perching. This is one of the most successful deterrent tools and is perfect for all types of properties; Get a Quote
Eric D.
We had a great experience with 24/7 Pest Control. We still feel the same way after 5 years. You should use this service again, without hesitation.
Jul 14th, 2020
Todd G.
Duncan is super friendly and kind. In general, the company is really professional and efficient.
Jul 16th, 2020
Patricia J.
So far we are very happy with the way everything has been set up. Everything has been done professionally, and we have a great team at the helm. We have this amazing young man here
Jul 28th, 2020
Doris C.
Absolutely fantastic. Excellent and efficient customer service and the job was completed to a very high standard, the technician keeping me updated every step of the way.
Aug 17th, 2020
Jonathan B.
Our inspector always polite and very professional in carry out the inspections and always communicates face to face and shares recommendations to keep site free from any pest infes
Aug 20th, 2020
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Pigeon Control in LondonAlthough not quite domesticated, urban birds share their territory with humans for centuries without exhibiting any fear. They feel comfortable in our company and even on top of our homes but their presence cost Londoners hundreds of pounds each year. Seagulls and pigeons are often associated with the following harms: Property Damage - pigeons often cause damage to masonry work by nesting and fouling. Moreover, bird droppings are highly acidic leading to stains and even corrosion on various surfaces and roofs. Nothing is protected - automobile paint, outdoor furniture, patios and balconies are all vulnerable. Droppings aren’t the only issue here. Pigeon nests often cause clogged gutters which can result in water damaging your home. Pest Harbouring - city birds attract various vermin with their faeces and often cause rat and mice infestations. The feces of birds are a preferred meal for cockroaches, so if you are a victim of bird infestation you will need a cockroach control services on top. Pigeon nests aren’t that harmless either - inside the nests live pigeon mites who love to feed on human blood. Fortunately, these mites are more creepy than harmful and rarely transmit any diseases. Get a Quote